Accelerating the AI age

Computer vision platform to solve real problems directly on compute-constrained embedded devices.


Pilot AI solves high-impact problems by developing computationally efficient algorithms to enable pervasive artificial intelligence. With our technology, every device - no matter how big or small - will have intelligence. In a more intelligent world, people and businesses are free from manual tasks and can make better decisions much more quickly.

Disruptive Technology

Much of the recent innovation within machine learning has revolved around scaling up models. These large models allow for more complex ideas and tasks to be captured at the cost of massively increased hardware requirements. Pilot AI has developed a suite of innovative algorithms that compress and optimize state of the art models to work with hardware that is more than an order of magnitude smaller than that used by competitors.


Pilot AI provides perception solutions across a broad range of industries, from Retail and Smart Home to Government. The Pilot Platform is designed to be useful from the very start, from application-specific, out-of-the-box models to easy integration with edge devices and the cloud. The result is secure data, decreased data processing costs, and faster, more accurate insights.