Our Team


Jon Su

CEO and co-founder

Jon Su is the CEO and co-founder of Pilot AI.  He hails from the beautiful northwest and is a proud UW Husky.  He received his PhD from Stanford CS, where he focused on computational math and high performance computing. Prior to Pilot AI, Jon founded Phisix Fashion Labs, which specialized in high fidelity clothing simulation. Phisix was acquired by eBay in 2014, where Jon was a Director of Engineering in the Innovation & New Ventures Group. Prior to Phisix, he also held positions at Intel Labs and Microsoft Research Asia.

Elliot English

CTO and co-founder

Elliot English co-founded Pilot AI and is the CTO. Upon receiving his PhD from Stanford CS he worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory developing scalable algorithms for large scale CFD. He subsequently went on to start as the first engineer at MetaMind where he developed novel deep learning algorithms for both computer vision and natural language processing.


Eric Liao

Senior Software Engineer

Eric is a Senior Software Engineer on the Product Team.  Prior to Pilot, he was making drones fly as a technical lead at 3D Robotics.  Before that, he spent 13 years in the wild and wooly game industry.  Eric has a CS degree from Stanford.  Eric enjoys making and eating food, Magic: The Gathering, and video games.

Nick Breitweiser

Senior Software Engineer

Nick is a Senior Software Engineer working on the data and infrastructure projects. A Houston native, Nick moved to the Bay Area to study computer systems at Stanford and has lived there ever since. Before coming to Pilot, he worked at Google, VMware, and Tata Communications. When he's not fixing broken unit tests, Nick enjoys hiking, traveling to new places, and relaxing on the beach.

Michelle Soon

Director of Business Operations

Michelle is Director of Business Operations working on all aspects of company operations including financial planning, revenue management, HR and marketing. Prior to joining Pilot AI, she was a Portfolio Manager at Presidio Ventures.  She received her BA in Economics, Sociology, and Management from University of California, Irvine. She is a native Californian and enjoys everything this planet has to offer - from sea to summit - you’ll see her kayaking in the water to climbing summits around the world!

Ethan Wais

Director of Product

Ethan is Director of Product, working on product strategy, customer integrations, and new customer development. Prior to joining Pilot AI, Ethan ran Product for Choose Energy (acquired by Red Ventures), where he helped build the largest online retail energy marketplace in the US. Before moving to the Bay Area, Ethan worked in national security policy and finance. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and received a BA from Yale University. Ethan is a big fan of dessert, especially French pastries. When he’s not working, you might find him making French macarons.

Richard Wang

Senior Research Scientist

Richard is a Senior Research Scientist working on the Product Team. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, MSE in CS from Princeton University, and BS in ECE from CMU. He was a member of the 2015 1st place CMDragons RoboCup SSL team. Some say Richard likes ice cream a little too much.

Dharshi Devendran

Senior Research Scientist

Dharshi is a Senior Research Scientist working on the machine learning tools for Pilot AI’s computer vision models.  Prior to joining Pilot AI, she was a Postdoc Fellow at Lawrence National Laboratory and a Postdoc Scholar at University of Chicago.  She received her PhD from NYU in Mathematics and BS in Applied Mathematics from UCLA.  Dharshi enjoys running around the Bay Area, hiking, and eating lots of good food.

Stephen Osborne

Senior Research Scientist

Stephen is a senior research scientist and software engineer with a passion for aerospace research. At Pilot he develops algorithms that drive deep learning, optimizing speed and performance. An expert in image processing, with degrees from Cambridge and Stanford, he's worked on telescopes for NASA and microscopes for the semiconductor industry. He lives in San Francisco and rides horses every weekend.

Samuel Adesoye

Research Scientist

Samuel Adesoye is a Research Scientist on the Pilot AI computer vision team. He received his B.S. in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University, and his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Prior to joining Pilot AI, he worked as a computer vision research intern at both Pearl Automation and Huawei, as well as a research assistant at the UC Santa Cruz Advanced Visualization Lab. Samuel has a passion for augmenting and developing computer vision algorithms to function on compute constrained devices. In his spare time he also enjoys cycling and playing video games.

Eugene Vecharynski

Senior Research Scientist

Eugene is a Senior Research Scientist working on our deep learning framework. Prior to joining Pilot AI, he held research positions at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the University of Minnesota, and Livermore Software Technology Corporation. He received his PhD in Computational and Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado at Denver, MS in Applied Mathematics and a BS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Belarusian State University. Eugene enjoys spending time with friends, hiking, and traveling.

Matt Feldman


Matt is a consultant working on porting Pilot’s kernels to other architectures, such as FPGAs, CGRAs, and ASICs, in order to exploit the energy and speed advantages that these devices offer.  He is currently a PhD student in Kunle Olukotun’s lab at Stanford working on a hardware-oriented Domain Specific Language called Spatial.  When he is not staring at a computer screen, he enjoys joggling (juggling + running), practicing gymnastics, and hiking. Matt is a Guinness World Record holder in Joggling.

Harley Montgomery

Research Scientist

Harley is a Research Scientist working on the computer vision team.  Prior to joining Pilot AI, he was a Researcher at University of Washington and worked with Marchex and Genentech.  He received his MS in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Washington and BA in Neuroscience from Pomona College. In his free time Harley enjoys hanging out with friends and playing go.

Patrick Hanlon

Director of Business Development

Patrick heads up our Business Development activities. He began his career at Seagate where he helped design and ramp high-volume production of hard disk drives. After his MBA, he then transitioned to Corporate Development/M&A roles where he focused on developing the Fiber Channel ecosystem and was instrumental in strategic investments that enabled the DVR market. He then joined Brocade’s CTO’s where he incubated new software solutions for diskless servers.  Patrick spent 10 years at SanDisk in Strategic Marketing and New Market Business Development roles focused on imaging and video applications. Patrick successfully drove the company into three new video/imaging markets with a TAM greater than $1.25B. Patrick has a unique balance of technical depth and market understanding that resonates well with CTO’s at key accounts. Patrick holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.


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